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Advisor Integration

Your Single Source for Integrated Wealth Management

As a high net worth individual, you understand that managing your personal assets is a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. Although you may have assembled an A-list team of professionals to provide guidance in their individual areas of expertise, you must ask yourself an important question:

Who is looking at the big picture?

Unfortunately, no one knows your entire story. Despite your best efforts and those of your advisors, the undeniable fact remains that without a fully integrated strategy and process, you’re not positioned to make the best possible decisions. With your attorney, insurance broker, money manager, accountant and other team members working in individual
silos, their recommendations are uncoordinated. Without better integration, it simply isn’t possible to optimize the performance of your assets.

Integrated Wealth Management

As your single source for integrated wealth management, our goal is to get all of your financial advisors to work together in your best interest. Acting as Capital Coach, we consult with your existing advisors, gathering information on the plans and products currently in place. Then we step back and analyze the big picture, assessing performance and linking strategies. And by serving as your single point of contact with all of your individual advisors, we can drastically reduce your personal workload. Because we’re process-driven, not product-driven, First Capital Financial Concepts brings an objective, and analytical approach to the table. We empower you to make fully optimized wealth management decisions with a complete understanding of your entire financial position.