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Changing the Conversation About Money

At First Capital, we change the conversation about money from product to process and service with the goal of empowerment. In today’s tumultuous environment, it’s clearer than ever before that responsibility must be associated with wealth. We help you make responsible decisions to ensure your lifestyle for today and tomorrow.

To achieve true, lasting wealth, you must have integrity and wisdom. That’s why it’s our goal to impact each and every client with strong fundamental values as guiding investment principles. With integrity and wisdom as your empowerment, you can take meaningful measures to rise above the fray of investments that are too good to be true, asset bubbles and the many other traps that have recently decimated countless investors.

Although the media and popular culture may have you believe that products can give you wealth and success, we believe this is the wrong message. Placing your faith in products is like leaving your financial future to the chance of the markets with casino-like predictability.

Wealth is not stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs or money markets. These are only mediums of exchange and storage units for capital. They are representations of abundance, but they do not have real value until they are converted to lifestyle. That’s why we change the conversation from the storage of assets to true prosperity where the goal is lifestyle assurance, significance and lasting, generational wealth.

Our clients strive to move from a life of abundance to one of significance. Through our unique mindset, organized process and client-centered service offerings, we can help you achieve this. We believe in making the world a better place by taking care of ourselves, our families and our communities.

<h2>OUR Beliefs</h2>

OUR Beliefs

The Best Investment is in Oneself

Our mission is to deliver processes and systems of money movement that focus on the efficient and effective accumulation of wealth and to protect that wealth from being transferred to the government, financial institutions and other third parties. By improving the flow of your money (the velocity), First Capital is confident that it will help to increase your benefits and improve your money supply (the multiplier effect) with little or no increased risk or out-of-pocket expenses. We specifically seek to fortify and protect your “economic capital” by incorporating the following strategies:

  • Increase the money you will have over your entire economic life
  • Give you more accessibility and utility on that money
  • Reduce income, capital gains, and estate taxes
  • Lower financial costs
  • Reduce risks
  • Give you a better understanding of how money really works within society
  • Provide organization, coordination and integration of your financial documents and plans