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The Principles of Empowered Economics

Our clients often ask what the most important aspects of a financial plan are. unfortunately, there is no simple answer for that. However, with the right knowledge and a unique and non-traditional way of thinking, you too can gain greater financial confidence. We call this empowered Economics. At its core are the principles of Empowered Economics. These principles can empower consumers helping guide decisions that lead to a life of prosperity.

1. Think

Adopt an abundance mindset and eliminate scarcity thoughts which keep you stuck.

2. See

See the big picture of your finances. All economic decisions affect other parts of your life. Tunnel vision limits your money and in turn limits you and your success.

3. Account

To accelerate your wealth, you must account for all the various wealth eroding factors and reduce your opportunity costs inside your personal economy.

4. Cash Flow

The true measure of success is cash flow, not net worth. Being able to convert your wealth into usable cash flows is more important than accumulating it.

5. Control

Keep the control of your wealth in your hands, not the financial institutions or the government.

6. Movement

Keep your money in motion. The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets, not to assets.

7. Multiply

Make each dollar do many jobs (savings, income, collateral, build equity, secure benefits) not just one job.