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The Capital Wealth System

Our Unique 7-Step Process

First Capital Financial Concepts, LLC’s mission is to create capital enhancement strategies that increase the clarity, confidence, and comfort our clients feel knowing they have the financial resources to protect and preserve their wealth not only for themselves but for generations to come.

  1. The Uncommon Approach
    Discover unique and uncommon planning methodologies that expose inefficiencies, dangers and weaknesses that erode wealth. Learn what makes First Capital different and build from success to significance and lasting true wealth…for life.

  2. The Discovery Assessment
    Together, we look at your current financial situation and discuss your concerns, needs and wants, and longterm goals along with your dreams for the future.

  3. The Protection Components Review
    In this step, we strive for maximum protection and coordination at the minimum cost to protect what you already have and what you are working hard to build.

  4. The Accumulation Strategies Analysis
    True outcomes – including taxes and investment costs – of various financial strategies are unveiled in this stage using our advanced computer modeling system.

  5. The Capital Optimization Matrix
    The Capital Optimization Matrix looks at four key areas that impact your overall wealth and financial well-being.

  6. The Business Optimization Analysis
    All of your current business strategies are optimized, streamlined, and cohesively integrated with your personal strategies. New strategies may also be created if appropriate.

  7. The Capital Wealth Review
    Life is filled with expected and unexpected changes. We’ll monitor your plan’s progress, working with you to modify and adjust your plan as your needs or circumstances change.

Key Wealth-Eroding Factors

  • Taxes (including estate)
  • Inflation
  • Health (illness, death)
  • Lawsuit
  • Market Fluctuation
  • Lifestyle

The First Capital Difference

Explore surprising strategies for making a meaningful improvement in your overall wealth building and protection process.